Clash Royale: All About the Game


Clash Royale is a recent game from the house of Supercell. Supercell have also created another wildly popular game, Clash of Clans. Clash Royale is a revolutionary mobile game, as it incorporates a lot of genres of games including multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), collectible card games, tower defense, and strategy.

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The game took the world by storm. It was launched globally on March 2, 2016. Clash Royale became the highest grossing and most downloaded app in the U.S. on iOS. It continues to dominate both Android and iOS markets. It has received largely positive reviews from game lovers and critics alike. Many reviewers call the game one of the best and most addictive games of all time.

The game launches many new innovating features frequently. It makes the players develop even more interest in the game.

Game facts

Clash Royale has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 on the Google Play Store and 4 out of 5 on the Apple App Store.

Supercell has also developed two less popular games, Hay Day and Boom Beach. Clash Royale, along with Clash of Clans, however, are the only two games that make up the “Clash Universe” – a gaming universe where feudal kings, magic, and clans exist.

Clash Royale has no connection whatsoever with Clash of Clans, but the original inspiration of many of the characters of Clash Royale comes from the previous game Clash of Clans. The developer teams of both the games are different and pursue the game differently. Many mechanics are different between the two games, like troops speeds, spell radii, elixir production rates, etc.

Gameplay and core strategy

Clash Royale features two battling sides: the player in question is blue while the enemy king’s side is red. There’s a river in the middle of the screen. There is a king tower (two king towers in case of 2v2 clan battles mode), destroying which will give you victory.

Otherwise, the side which destroys the greater number of towers (1 or 2) wins.

Clash Royale players use cards from their deck. The deck has up to 8 cards, but any 4 will be drawn, randomly, by the game. You have to choose from them. There are three types of cards: spells, troops, and buildings. The player drops the cards to defend or attack.

Usually, Clash Royale players focus on taking down one tower only. Once it’s been taken down, they focus on defending their own towers until the timer expires. When the battle time is over, they automatically win because they have destroyed one tower. That’s the core strategy of most of Clash Royale games.

Other details

Now you can even go to 2v2 battles with someone from your clan.

While battling, the last 60 seconds of the battle time give double elixir. You need elixir to deploy the cards. There are many fun cards, like the log or Minion horde. There are also legendary cards like the Night Witch. All in all, the game is very exciting and there’s no wonder it’s played by so many people.

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Unraveling The Battlefield Dynamics Of The Game With Pixel Gun 3d Tricks

Considering the fact that Pixel Gun 3D function on survival and multiplayer modes, you can loop the former with co-operative, death match and deadly combats to double the excitement and thrill. The single-player campaign and survival arena also gives a cool and modern world shooter format. You can then get a perfect chance to fight it out with friends, classmates’ colleagues or just about everyone else out there. The game enables you to personalize and make your character through a dedicated, special skins maker. After this part, you can easily flaunt your new avatar on the emblazoned battlefield.

Drawing the fundamentals

In this game, you enter into the battle turf with nothing more than pixelated handgun. Your primary aim is to shoot your way out of a clamorous, congested spot.

  • The main facet is that this game is intentionally blocky and edged rather essaying the role of a decade’s victim.
  • Mummies, zombies and skeletons are all acquired from the same type of boxy bodies that resemble the awe-inspiring building game called Minecraft.
  • One of the standard aspects of the game is that players can make custom skins. You can add them to your account. The full gaming orbit is so pixel heavy that you can seldom perceive the details of certain creatures even when they are real close to you. This thing’s pretty much like Doom and makes one pretty nostalgic.

Exploring all options

Players now have the option of playing in Survival mode or multiplayer mode.

  • There’s a much insightful and critical observation that despite being a thoroughly entertaining FPS game, Pixel gun 3D has some letdown in the mode and controls of the single player format.
  • Players are most likely to remain indulged in the multiplayer format and possibly fiddling along and nudging with sprite customizations.
  • It’s undoubtedly a great first-person, little shooter game that shines out with flying colors in the multiplayer mode, but the sullen and bland single player survival mode can be boring at lengths for many.

About the two modes

Unveiling the two modes, you’ll fight a certain number of foes in each level to advance further into the survival stage.

  • As regards the multiplayer setting, you are pitted up against a bloody and violent fight to death match in the most fearsome of all duels.
  • You also player vs player, one on one fights in this game. As regards the game play, you start on a premier level. This resembles more of a monster shooting arena.
  • You can polish your technique and hone shooting skills besides grasping a few tips of collecting guns and arsenal, jumping and doing the appropriate things after cleaning each level.

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I can play for the quarterback or can even plan to score TDs, and there are loads of options available. There is the new scramble feature, which will help you to score TDs, as favorite receiver. I even got the chance to compete against some rivals and friends in head to head mode. Furthermore, I got the opportunity to battle out the willing streak in gridiron glory. I was given the clear instruction to join a league, who’s winning capacity matches with mine. It can be anything from earning achievement in group or taking on leagues in other competitions. But, I was already told to make proper decisions, when I was ready.

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